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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Why should we go with your agency?

A: We hope that your ability to immediately find us online, and/or your referral by a reputable client speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on being the very best when it comes to authority brand building, and are confident that you will not find another company with the tools and/or resources capable of providing you with comparable results.

Q: Can you provide referrals from clients you have worked with?

A:  Please feel free to view what other satisfied clients are saying in our testimonials section. Also, please consider how you yourself found us. I would hope either through a reputable referral, or a direct result of our great optimization further proving our capabilities. 

Q:  How are you going to work on my site?

A:  Search engines work on monitoring how many trusted sites/friends you have, we find more of each to start talking about you. Although this process takes a great deal of time, it is the most legitimate and natural manner in ranking you. In short, we get your site in the top ranked positions by building online traffic and relationships.

Q: How many calls can you guarantee? How many sales can you guarantee?

A: Similar to billboards, we do not guarantee phone calls and/or sales. We position your business in prime online real estate, further exposing you to the majority of your market.

Q:  Can you promise me a #1 ranking?

A: Although Google is very unpredictable, our system has proven to continually climb to date. In turn, leaving our customers very satisfied.

Q: Do you give a money back guarantee?

A: We do not. Please understand that we work diligently over time to get your business ranked. This takes many man hours that we can not recoup, nor can we chance the risk of being forced to refund money due to a client’s lack of patience through the process.

Q: Does your SEO service include Social Media Management?

A: We do not offer Social Media Management.

Q:  Do you have a contract?

A: No, and it’s to your benefit. If you aren’t pleased with our work, you are welcome to walk away at any time. We do provide a “Letter of Understanding” which confirms awareness of the intangible services provided and agreement to receiving such moving forward.

Q:  Can you send me a proposal?

A: Proposals are provided once all requested information has been received, and we are able to perform an adequate analysis on your company/website.

Q: How much is this going to cost?

A: Price will always come after analysis. You’re going to receive a FREE analysis providing you with more trusting info than you’ve ever received regarding your business/website.

Q:  Can I see what you’re doing?

A: Unfortunately what we do is a skill set that is well guarded, we do not show any of our work as it is proprietary. Please note that what we do can neither be learned or taught at Harvard, Stanford, or any other well regarded educational institution.

Q: Can you handle my Facebook Ads?

A: Sorry, we do not assist with Facebook Ads

Q: Can you set up my AdWords?

A: Sorry, we do not assist with AdWords

Q: How long will this take?

A: At least 6-9 months. Think of it this way, your site is currently overweight and out of shape. We need to not only get your site in shape and conditioned, but then prep for a marathon. Although this takes a great deal of time, our results are solid and consistent.

Q:  I can’t afford this! 

A: You can’t afford not to… You are losing a great deal of business to competitors by simply ranking lower. In the consumers eyes, the higher up in the search engine listings,  the more reputable the business.

Q: Why are other SEO companies cheaper than you!

A: This should be self-explanatory. However, ask yourself the following. Do you want to chance hiring the cheaper guys to work for you and your competitor hiring us?  We didn’t think so! We are here to help, so call us now!